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"The ideal home is like a womb. So perfect in the togetherness between the womb lining and the body that man wishes to re-experience and obtain that feeling of security and contentment throughout his life."
About Ranga Consultants
It is being increasingly recognized that traditional knowledge, through the Vaasthu Shastra, considered man's health and wellbeing in a more integrated manner. A number of subtle factors were recognized and well known to the ancients, which we are now being studied by means of modern instruments. Our ancient texts have defined time and again that the entire creation and the human being are all made of the five basic elements termed pancha bhutas, viz air, fire, water, earth and space.

The Chinese and Japanese ancient texts add wood and metal to this list and indeed there is a very fascinating and complex interrelationship that exists between the elements, the human body and the environment. These elements have subtle electromagnetic radiations. Disturbances caused in their fields caused by electromagnetic radiations surrounding us effect the body's physical-vital-mental wellbeing. We find that the elements are particularly distinguished and identified with respect to buildings in all ancient texts. They have a far-reaching and powerful impact and influence on the health, life and well being of the residents.

We at Ranga Consultants have worked on understanding this relationship between the elements, the human body and the environment. The work involves in developing Architectural designs that work at all the three levels. We also undertake corrective measures in existing built forms without any disturbance at the structural level. The corrections are done at the energy levels using specially developed "energy pellets".

About Ranga Consultants
  • Interior design of Residential and commercial spaces
  • Architectural design of Residential and commercial spaces
  • Desiging in temporary architecture including exhibition stands
  • Planning of residential and industrial layouts
  • Harmonization/correction of existing built spaces without demolishing