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"Nature, man, structure and the site must be closely knit. They are interwoven. Architecture should ensure that relationships are properly balanced to pave the way for man to live in harmony with his environment and the cosmos"
About Ranga Consultants

R. Jagannathan, is a qualified architect, urban planner. He also has a post graduation in construction management.

After working in architectural firms at Mumbai in his initial years, he has undertaken extensive research in the field of Vaasthu Shastra, under the guidance of Sri. Prabhat Kumar Poddar, that has opened a creative and professional understanding of this traditional knowledge system of architectural design.

Ar. Jegannathan undertakes consultancy for designing of various spaces incorporating his research knowledge and also undertakes correction/space harmonization at the energy levels without disturbing the existing structure.

His work experience at Dubai has provided him with a personal expericece in international design and construction techniques as added strengths.

Architect Jagannathan has in his research worked on understanding the relationship between the elements, the human body and the environment. He has adapted the Lecher Antennae to prepare an energy audit of the site. The work involves in developing designs that work at all the three levels. Harmonization of structures incorporating corrective measures in existing built forms without any disturbance a the structural level. The corrections are done at the energy levels using specially prepared 'energy pellets'.

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