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"Harmony of form consists in the proper balancing and contrast of the straight, inclined and the curved lines both physical and metaphysical."
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Interior wall planes define and enclose a building’s space or “rooms”. Their visual properties, their relationship to one another, and the size and the distribution of openings within them will determine the quality of the space they define and the degree to which the space will relate to the space around it.

The house is not just a shelter. Its sprit goes beyond it. An ideal house is like a womb. In the womb, a child experiences peace, harmony and contentment. The supply of food and air is perfect. The warmth is perfect. The spaces in which we live is like a womb. They have to give to the dwellers that sense of ‘security’.

Colours are one of the most important characteristics of any interior space. It is interesting to note that there is a relationship between colours and man’s health. Each colour corresponds to a particular organ of the body. At the architectural level,it was mentioned that man is surrounded by an electromagnetic field and that diseases can be traced to disturbances occurring in this field. Irradiation of a particular region of the body with a particular colour helps to restore the balance. The harmful effects caused by BEM radiationsof the environment also can be countered by colours. Even the Chakras of the human body were found to have their own characteristic colours. Psychological effects of colours have also come to light.

We at Ranga Consultants, while working on the interiors of a building also deal with the systems of Colours –Man – Buildings in general and their subtle relationships in particular.