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"Tradition provides us with an encyclopedia of well tried techniques or methods of planning and design or qualities of techniques and of aesthetic forms expressing these qualities. Even if this encyclopedia does not offer you a solution of your particular problem, it shows you how the pioneers of the past faced their new problems and how they adjusted their techniques to the needs of their new problems"
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Architecture forms an integral part of our life and caters to man’s second fundamental need,shelter.The interior spaces, be it urban or rural – all reflect the sprit, needs, wants, habits and culture of people. Architecture has the capacity to elevate man to higher levels or lower them. In a settlement, village or town, habits, patterns and culture become predominant. It is due to the inherent need of man for social contact, sympathy influence, reflection and rejuvenation. To plan a settlement is to plan the culture or civilization.

The house is not just a shelter. Its sprit goes beyond it. An ideal house is like a womb. In the womb, a child experiences peace, harmony and contentment. The supply of food and air is perfect. The warmth is perfect. The spaces in which we live is like a womb. They have to give to the dwellers that sense of ‘security’.

Today, he primary concern in Planning is to pander to the customer’s taste. This becomes very outward and hence superficial .However the fundamental that a man looks for are sympathetic surroundings, radiant atmosphere and a health giving environment. Settlements need health giving built environment. They need it very badly, especialley as unconscious and invisible processes tend to foster negative, unhealthy developments.

Already many cities are distorted to the extent that many people experience them as alienating, life suppressing, hardening and unwelcoming places to be in. Settlements are not settlements if they do not condense and fertilize the sprit of the region. All aspects of life – stress, work pressures, culture, and stimulation and so on – are brought home. Homes have a renewing function: the greater the stresses and imbalances people bring home, the more acute the need for the home to be place of healing.

The studies undertake in understanding planning settlements inconsonation with the bio magnetic grids of the old settlements have shown that people lived in these places in health and harmony, till modern planning disturbed the existing system. Of the about twenty bio magnetic grids on the surface of the earth, four have an effect on human health. These are today understood and are called as – Major Grids, Principle Grids, Normal Grids and Subsidiary Grids. Developing settlement plans incorporating these bio magnetic grids into the planning concepts and incorporating modern planning principles could lead to settlements wherein people could live in health and harmony.

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